Engineerica Meet

Meet is the attendance tracking provider for virtual meetings of all Engineerica products. Assist student online using one of the supported third-party providers and we'll track their attendance times accurately with one click (or less).

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How it works

Virtual sign-in screen recording

One-Click Access to your Meetings

By using Engineerica Meet you can connect to third-party meeting providers and manage your meetings right from Engineerica products.

Also, you can create new meetings and register students with just a few clicks.

Accurate Meeting Time Tracking

Time tracking is what we do. If you need to provide online services to your students, the best way to accurately track their session times is by using Meet; that way the session time is recorded and there's no need to manually update session logs at the end of the day.

Virtual sign-in screen recording
Virtual sign-in screen recording

Create Meetings in a Breeze

No need to switch between platforms and applications. Simply use the Engineerica product interface to launch new meetings with the right settings.

Supported Products and Platforms

Engineerica Meet currently supports tracking session times in Zoom Pro, Business and Educational accounts.

The tracking information can be used in Accudemia and AccuCampus (coming soon).

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